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Sex and Cupcakes is a female owned e-tailer of premium adult toys, positioned in the context of healthy couple play, and always in support of fostering confident, sexually aware women!

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Fun For Him Too!

Finally! We found a body safe, phthalate free, and sensational toy for men! Costumers asked, we tested, and now we're supplying! Get yours soon... My husband was skeptical at first, "so,...

Carrot Cupcake Success!

These were absolutely delicious! The cream cheese frosting is amazing, and the final product is moist and fluffy. You can't ask for a better cupcake! See the Joy of Baking...

Marathon Sex!

"When it comes to sex, men may be the trash-talking sprinters, but it's the women who win all the marathons. ...After an orgasm, a woman may be anticipating a dozen...

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